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5 Anatoly BAKANURSKY Russian theater in Ukraine: Look who came or Leaving nature

11 Oleg Gubarev Odessa Home Theater

20 Anna BILYK theater audiences in Odessa

26 By faith malty German theater history Odessa

35 Roman Brodavko "Gloom-river" on the Ukrainian scene

45 Leo Alexander and Anna's Theater Builder

59 Tatiana Shurovo Wizard children's performance

69 Igor Gusev Der Haver Schneier

79 Valentin Maksimenko from Odessa, opens the season at La Scala

85 Tatiana Shurovo From New York - with love for the theater ...

90 Julia PETRUSYAVICHYUTE Three pages about love, or Portrait in the interior

100 Larisa Kanevskaya Theatre "Komediant" reads "Menu" Alexander Mardan

102 Maria HUDYMA Diary theater critic

110 Igor Bozhko Tree

130 Mikhail Levitin Cuza Victor sandals on his bare feet

176 Simon ZLOTNIKOV banter

187 Olga Ilnitsky And do not talk frank

194 Alexander Mardan Merlehlyundiya

Oleg 196 students "Amazing profession ..."

202 Volkov quarter of a century in the theater

204 Kurbas and "Young Theatre"

206 Pleiad Odessites

Most 208, this scene! ..

212 Alain YAVORSKAYA Poets in the theater and the theater

213 Anatoly violet Eugene Onegin

214 Faith Inber hell in paradise

230 Rina GREEN Scattered page

236 Jacob Kravtsov Theater in the basement

241 Larisa Duz the History of Odessa theaters

241 Ivan Duz Marco Kropyvnytskyi: "Odessa - the city of my destiny"

248 Tatiana Shurovo daily about the theater

268 George Golubenkov Leonid Sushchenko Valery CAIT conveyor rose!

278 Vladimir TRUHNIN Irina Poltorak "town" - the fifth corner!

284 Joseph Raihelgauz White Sea - the White Nights
From the Editor:

"Do you like the theater?" - This question posed by Vissarion Belinsky, Alexander Pushkin said, as if the concrete and passionate appeal: "It's time we the opera soon!". It was addressed to our ancestors, the young citizens of South Palmyra - "dusty Odessa," where there was no running water, but it took a theater in which the exiled poet was a regular. Theater in which "shine box", devoted to perhaps the most heartfelt lines Odessa chapter of "Eugene Onegin" - the great novel in verse, which Pushkin wrote in our city.

It should be clarified that in the first municipal theater in Odessa came not only opera and ballet, but also tragedy and comedy and vaudeville. All genres, all the faces of Melpomene loved us today. One example of this - has become traditional International Festival and Conference "Meetings in Odessa," collecting the participants not only from Ukraine, but also from Russia and former Soviet republics and other foreign countries. They take place in early September and dedicated to the birthday of Odessa.

This number Almanac - our theatrical offerings town. We remember these days of great figures of the Theatre, who lived and worked in Odessa, on the brightest pages of theater history.

We are invited to participate in the issue of friends and favorite authors - our fellow countrymen and those who are not born in Odessa, but we feel like home. They immediately responded, and you have the opportunity to experience different facets of their talents, sometimes unexpected.

For example, one from Odessa - the famous Moscow director - sent the story, and the other - a report on extreme travel, veteran Israeli playwright - the head of "Rum" philosophical fantasy ... The famous Odessa actor presented poems ...

And who offered to publish the play - the basis of the theater? Our fellow countryman - artist. Idols ... KVN and "Campus" rocked parodies nabrydshie still shovels seasons sparkling performances and skits ...

Prevent a WordLikeThis we, dear readers, get a printed Mystery Theater.

It is time we in the opera soon!
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